July 18

my day in pictures. my office doesn’t have any windows since i’m only an intern i guess. 8 hours is such a long time to sit at a desk! one of the guys from the band gave me his number on another day when i saw them playing on a different street. he said he would sing drunk in love to me. they’re a really fun bunch. there was a single duck swimming in the dark as i was lying on the ground next to the potomac river and i was wondering what in the hell it was doing out there alone!


i’ve noticed that a lot of people confuse “respects women” with “respects women they consider respectable”.  

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i’ve done it! i made a dreamboard and i already know it will be good! they have a category for “your dream mood” and your “dream color” and i know exactly what this refers to! 

thinking of starting a dreamboard! this will be a very good move for me i think! all of my dreams are so crazy lately, i think there are important things for me to analyze there

i like this photo of me because i feel like i look happy and healthy/cute

and oh that’s me in my “business-casual” attire which has not been as much fun for me as i anticipated

these iphone pictures are such bad quality lol. iphone cameras are the worst! thank god i don’t have an iphone! haha no just playin im jealous and all

the thing that really gets me just really really bugs me is when people advocate for particular issues that personally affect them on the grounds that they care about “equal rights” but then turn around and act downright callous and cold/indifferent even mean when it comes to other matters of the same nature.  

a white gay guy i met over the weekend who cared about gay rights and denounced the catholic church for his exclusion but then said his only interest in immigration was self-serving because he would get hired and paid to redo the programming of any law concerning immigration that was changed

my 8th grade teacher who always posts things on facebook about raising the minimum wage and “living wages” as a right but literally snaps photos of people he sees at walmart to post on facebook and ridicule them with some statement about the type of people who you’ll encounter if you go to walmart

i called in sick to work to do this julian michaels workout and go grocery shopping.

Surprisingly GREEN! Is what i’m going to say anytime anyone asks me how my summer in DC was

bullshit aside tho i think i am developing carpal tunnel

what the heck am i supposed to do?? my mom will be so worried!

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